Monday, 26 January 2015

5 Days to go - Our Dinner reservations

Disney so kindly does a countdown until your holiday starts , logging on to My Disney Experience this morning indeed told me that we only have 5 days to wait !   That sentence in no way does justice the the excitement it causes !!

One of the highlights of our trip planning has been having the Disney Dining Plan, meaning we get to eat at some lovely restaurants The only drawback is that they need to be pre-booked. So after agonising over reviews and food blogs we decided on the following  .

Chef Mickey's where we will be joined for breakfast by Mickey and his buddies

The Crystal Place, which is a character Breakfast With Pooh Bear and friends

Beaches and Cream Soda Shop  will we be brave enough to order a dessert named "The Kitchen Sink" !

Planet Hollywood - need I say more ?

The Garden Grill where they serve food freshly grown at Disney in a slowly revolving restaurant.
Chip and Dale come along to add to the fun .

The Sci Fi Dine in Theater  - Dinner served in car styled booths while we watch a movie.

Whispering Canyon Cafe , It is rumoured that the servers have lots of fun .We have been told to ask for more ketchup and a large coke ??

we are blowing two dining credits to go to the Hoop de Doo Musical Revue - I have to admit that I had a little girlie squeal when I finished the call the book it - "Eeeekkkkk!!!

and Finally , 

Our last Meal at Disney will be breakfast at the Grand Floridian Resort In 1900 Park Fare where we will be joined by The Mad Hatter and Tigger ( and maybe a princess or two but shhhh don't tell Finn)

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